Mage: Dark Materials

S02E06 - Pontypool changes everything

Joining forces with the shadowy Styx Security Company, the Henosian Club agrees to take on the cultists worshipping Erastus Faulkborne and attempting to kidnap Grimm in the small, Welsh town Pontypool. Yet, things are not as they seem. There is a large compound over an old mine, all fenced off and guarded. The gentlemen are dispatched to investigate in the small town, while the paramilitary group assume their various positions (as might be). Blakeney and Benny discover an entrance to the mines in an old boathouse, and call upon Ebeltoft to follow. They are soon directly underneath the compound. Grimm and Brigham come across a mysterious old house which quickly turns out to have belonged to Erastus Faulkborne. With Grimm compromised in what has clearly been Faulkborne’s former lair and the cultists aware of the Henosian Club’s presence, the cawl hath hiteth the fan, so to speak.

The ensuing aftermath is very rarely spoken about among the gentlemen.

Grimm’s subsequent absence is never mentioned.



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