Mage: Dark Materials

S01E21 - Storm Front

The dots are starting to connect in a big way for the members of the Henosian Club. When the Chantry calls a meeting to discuss several lagre events occuring to the Horizon Realm which houses Witwick Hermetic College, including the Realm expanding and unveiling parts though lost for millennia, Blakeney stands up as the Cabal’s representative and explains how it is all connected to the rise of the Storm Eater under the influence of evil Magi of unknown origin. Most everything the members of the Club have experienced the last year – including Stuart McQueen’s madness – can be traced to several factions seemingly operating under a common aegis; the release of the Storm Eater. And John Dunbar, the renegade Mage, served as a linchpin in thwarting the last attempt to free the monstrous spirit entity.

There is a Storm coming. It is now up to the Magi of the Chantry of the Elucidated Brethren to halt it.



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