Mage: Dark Materials

S01E22 - Dead End

The Cabal ready themselves to spring a trap on Blue Eyes. Starfall will hold a grand outdoor concert event on down town Manhattan, with the hidden implications that it is part of a grand, Magickal ritual culminating in the summoning of an otherworldly entity. In reality, there will be no more Magick than what will be necessary to send warning signals to the Technocratic operatives surveiling the Cabal. The plan is essentially to force Blue Eyes to play his hand, and publicly overreact, thereby causing a scandal within the Technocracy.

But just days before the grand event, Blue Eyes beats the Cabal to the punch, and makes his move. Grimm is drugged, and arranged to have seemingly killed himself after killing Blakeney in the apartment below, and Starfall is kidnapped. As Grimm’s gun is about to have its trigger pulled, there is a knock on Blakeney’s door.

To be continued…



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