Mage: Dark Materials

S02E01 - Counterstrike

Grimm barely registers the Operatives holding him hoisting him into a sort of rig that will make him shoot himself in the head. Meanwhile, one Operative 3D-prints an exact replica of Grimm’s Gun, and descends to the floor below to kill Blakeney with it.

Grimm manages to squeeze off a tiny amount of Will, and force the mechanism to malfunction, killing the Technocrat instead of Grimm, and freeing Grimm. He makes short order of a second Operative as he races to save Blakeney from being shot.

At the same time, Blakeney is stunned to find the defences to his Sanctum shattered, and the door blasted open. He is too perplexed to react as the Operative aims the replica of Grimm’s Gun and pulls the trigger… to the sound of a loud “click”. They stare at each other for a split second, before the Technocrat pulls his service weapon, just as Blakeney summons up a portal between them. When the Technocrat shoots at Blakeney, he hits himself in the back, just as Grimm appears in the doorway.

After disabling the wounded Operative, Grimm races to Starfall’s apartment, fearing the worst. He finds Starfall missing, and Benny wounded. As Strange and Helen Chambers arrive to aid Blakeney on keeping their prisoner alive, discovering the truth behind the attack and making a game plan, the hunt for the missing rocker is on.



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