Mage: Dark Materials

s02e03B - T3s5er4c7 Live

From the Electrostat Blogg by dV8

So when freshman electropunk prognoise necrojazzband T3s5er4c7 announces a grandeur magical demon summoning concert in the middle of the Hudson River, you start to wonder who this guy is. Is it a new Trent Reznor act? Fat Boy Slim on steroids? Aphex Twin/Ulver crossover? When seeing the stage you know there are some real money behind this.
Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2 million people show up to find out what this is all about. There’s so far only been one gig with this band, the legendary rooftop gig somewhere in the doclands. With only one EP under their belt we’ve got little material to go on when it comes to pre gig research. Would the material be strong enough to carry a pr stunt like this?
When they, or he, opened with a new song named “Implementing the psychosphere” we knew that would not be the case. I’m not sure the PMRC will endorce this artist, as the occult theme of the visual effects is pretty obvious. At the middle of the gig tentacles started popping out from the ground in the middle of the audience. If you touched them, your hand would turn black. Pretty neat trick. I’ve read somwhere that the tentacles were made from rather complex robotics and ferrofluid stained with black ink. Just after that, an enourmous rendition of the great Cthulhu started rising from the river. Elder signs glowing in mid air, pyrotechnics going off, lasers, police units emerging from everywhere. Wonder who the cot to produce and direct this show. During the song “A cure for Weldschmerz” T3s5er4c7 removes his signature 4d cube mask, and it is Ebeltoft Starfall!!!?!?!! The last year he’s gone completely of the rails. Selproclaimed magician/private investigator/drug addled singer. How can he make music this brilliant? It boggles the mind. As the last song “Perpetual movement in the fourth dimension” starts, Cthulhu starts to submerge once again, and you could hear some of the audience chant “Cthulhu fthagn!”
All in all, the show was great, the sound could be better and the music sublime.
A great evening altogether. Can’t wait for the next album, or the next gig.

Implementing the psychosphere
Mulholland Rodeo
Transcening Whiteout
There were no bounds (And Also The Trees cover)
Activate, eradicate!
F(x)= 2 * (Arcsin(sqrt(1 – x^2)) + abs(Arcsin(x)))
Negativistic Objectivism
Love Never Dies (Apoptygma Berzerk cover)
A Cure For Weldschmerz
Perpetual Motion In The Fourth Dimension.



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