Mage: Dark Materials

S02E03A - En Prise

Blakeney contemplates the scene unfolding before him.
From the rooftop he can see the entire plaza, with Starfall’s stage north, the river west, and the burgeoning crowds moving in from the south and east. He easily spots Grimm in the crowds, and can only surmise what is Brigham’s true location.

He sees the world for what it truly is: A cosmic game of chess. Today, he is fortunate enough to be one of the players. How? He is manipulating the empyrean Rube Goldberg-machine that is the Synchronicity Highway. He has put his pawns into motion, looked into the future and divined the spread of consequences. But not by Magick. No, not this time. He sees the game board through his Magickal awareness, but his play has been fundamentally mundane. As it must.

He has no way of knowing if he reached the Technocrat he temporarily held. Probably not. But the seed has been sown, and there will be consequences. He allows himself a fraction of a smile at the thought of having directly influenced the paths the Technocracy must now take, but not a long one. He knows full well that where chance is involved, the String will only be so thick. If it breaks, anything can happen.

He watches as Grimm is approached by Agent Parker. He can see Agent Winters and his faction moving into play. He sees their reasonable futures, their logical possibilities, their mathematical consequences.

He Sees. And like that, the pieces are in Check.



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