Agamemnon Harebus

Elusive mentor of Jackson Blakeney


Agamemnon Harebus is a true eccentric, an ancient Hermetic Master of great standing and laudable background. He is also considered to have lost his marbles decades ago, and has the last ten years been missing, presumed dead or lost in the Umbra.

Harebus made his name during the First and Second World Wars, as one of the great resources for the Council of Nine Traditions. He also pioneered several of the revisions to magickal theory during the Twentieth Century.

A Fellow of St. Paul’s College, Cambridge and Honorary Doctor at Witwick College of Hermetic Magick, he has also been a great patron of the Arts, often regaling unassuming victims of his claims of being close friends with Picasso, Dégas, Matisse and Dali, and his adventures with Hemingway. From Old Money, Harebus has been significant philanthropist since World War II, and patron and financial contributor to several of the most prominent galleries and museums in London.

The last few years before his permanent disappearance he would frequently vanish unannounced only to return weeks later refusing to account for his whereabouts, explaining how it would take almost half a year until someone realized he probably wouldn’t come back.

Harebus leaves behind a considerable fortune, but as he has not been declared dead, his funds are in escrow.

His apprentices over the decades have been:

Lady Margareth Bitting-Hall
Donald Penikett, OBE
Arthur Gillan
Prof. Jackson Blakeney

Blakeney was a controversial choice, as Harebus’ circles almost exclusively consisted of privileged Magi, while Blakeney (born Blake) was undoubtedly rather more common from the outset. Harebus nonetheless insisted, and was proud to present his scholarly apprentice’s merits within the Order, although many saw his choice as the first sign of his impending reputed madness.


Agamemnon Harebus

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