Alan Brigham, Sc.D., M.D.

Defected Progenitor


Alan Brigham was never considered to be very remarkable or talentet. Born October 21st 1923 to Awakened parents, Alan was doctrinated in the Union’s ways from childhood. His school life was unremarkable, going to the Union’s schools and graduating into the ranks of the Progenitors. Alan first put on the suit and began his career as a graduate student after the public relations disaster in Roswell 1947, and was put to work in the cloning facilities that helped spawn the next generation genetically enhanced black suit agents. In 1952 he worked for a while on Project MKUltra. He never really rose above the level research assistant often taking on the actual work of cloning that his intellectual peers so very much dreaded.

From 1959 to 1963 Alan went back to college to get his PhD in Science. There, in the heat of swing, elvis and The Beatles he met Penny. They were married by the end of 1965 and had two children. A son named Dave and daughter Susan.

Susan turned out to be Awakened and was sent to the standard Union schools. She never married and is now working in the Deep Void as a “doctor” on one of the gigantic Void Engines. Alen suspects that she has a very close connection to a void engineer but she won’t speak much of it.

One day Susan returned with a gift for Alen from far beyond known space. A data cube capable of holding and sorting near unlimited amounts of data. It can also interface with other technologies and devices including the internet.
The cube as accumulated much data over the years including many mage books confiscated by technocracy. The cube is implanted into Alens brain and tied directly into Alens mental resonance and can only be used by him. Although it seems to have some form of consciousness it doesn’t appear to have a will of it’s own. It has taken Alen many years to master even the most basic functions of the cube and it was only after his most recent discovery that he was truly able to utilize it. Perhaps this is part of the void engineers plans?

Dave never developed any gifts, going to a standard college he got a job as mid level management in an insurance company. He married twice and had one daughter Lily.

Lily is showing signs of Awakening and one of Alan’s biggest fears is that she will be picked up and trained by the Union.

In 1982 Penny died in a horrific car accident leaving little or nothing to be rescued. Unable to resurrect the woman he loved and having more and more trouble hiding the fact that his physical body had stopped aging Alan arranged his own fake death in 1998.

By the end Alan was seen as a trustworthy no nonsense guy who could get the job done. Alan became close friends with his boss Dr. Patrick Parker. When Patricks marriage broke up his teenaged daughter, the young Miss Parker was especially vulnerable just having had her Awakening. She hung out with the wrong crowd and turned to drugs. How ever Alan never gave up on her and saved her life in the nick of time when her drugged-out boyfriend tried to kill her. How ever Alan and a couple of HIT Marks persuaded him otherwise. There was not enough DNA left over for a proper identification of the body… pulp… whatever you want to call it.
Alan took Miss Parker off world. Removed all traces of drugs from her system and started her union education. She worked as Alans assistant for about a year before moving on to school.

As the years passed Alan began to suspect more and more that there was something wrong with reality. It started off with simple things like when an experiment would complete successfully but one of the key machines was broken or simply not plugged in. For many years Alan just ignored these slip ups and mear flukes. After all there had to be a rational explanation.
One day while working as an assistant for Dr. Visscher in a routine experiment the main bio-transfusion polarity switch was not plugged in. Yet the replication process was a complete success. They spent weeks debating how such a thing was possible and Alans nagging feeling that the world was not the way he was taught could not be ignored. Finally he proved to Dr. Visscher that what they were doing was truly magic by performing a simple test calibration experiment. Then revealing that Alan had replaced the main circuit board of the machine with a piece of paper with a logic diagram drawn on it.
Dr. Visscher was furious, threatening to expose Alan as a reality deviant. How ever fear of his own life and reputation Dr. Visscher decided to keep his mouth shut. After this Dr. Visscher paradigm was shaken and he was unable to perform experiments at the same level of proficiency as he used to. Dr. Visscher blamed all this on Alan thinking that Alan was sabotaging his experiments. Dr. Visscher grows ever more paranoid as he tries to suppress the thought about the nature of the technocracy paradigm.

After this Alan began experimenting with his new found understanding and discovered that his powers grew exponentially. It was at this point that he understood that it was just a matter of time before his new paradigm would clash with the unions worldviews violently. So he began to prepare his defection. He set up some safe houses and grew two clones based on his own genetic footprint. These clones where far from perfect as it was beyond Alans abilities to create complex organic structures like eyes, central nerves, brain etc. So he had to “borrow” some components. He managed to get in touch with a dodgy coroner who could lett Alan borrow a couple of corpses with matching blood types for a couple of hours. Alan managed to procure eyes, ears, parts of the brain and the spine. The clones are controlled through the use of mind magic and correspondence and have no will of their own. Left to their own devices they would die. To prevent this they “sleep” in respirators when not being controlled by Alan.young_brigham.jpg

One clone is Alan’s avatar to the outer world. The other works a non descript job that can not be linked to Alan providing much needed income.

Alan Brigham, Sc.D., M.D.

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