Artemis Grimm

Brooding twenty-something burdened with a dark soul


Artemis Grimm never had it easy. A magickal prodigy, he was quickly sought out and brought up by the Order of Hermes, first in their Hermetic Boy’s School St. Augustine, and later at Witwick College of Hermetic Magick.

But Artemis quickly learned that not all was well, as he was under close scrutiny since the day that he started. It seems his Avatar once belonged to the evil sorcerer Erastus Faulkbourne, and everyone expects him to grow up into Voldemort. That pretty much puts a dampener on a young lad’s spirits, and Artemis retreated into himself. It certainly didn’t help that Entropy was the only magick that came natural to him.

One day he was told that the time was come for him to become an apprentice. It turned out that his master was to be his old teacher,Jackson Blakeney, an eccentric Englishman who had a tendency to put his students in dangerous situations, making him pretty much the most popular teacher. So for the first time in years, Artemis left the Horizon Realm where Witwick was located, and returned to New York as a proper Wizard’s Apprentice. Had they all been wrong? Wasn’t he as bad as they all said after all?

Artemis Grimm

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