"Blue Eyes"

Ruthless Technocratic Agent (Touched)


Ruthless and sadistic Technocrat who will stop at nothing to get his answers. Very clear, blue eyes and pock-marked skin. He was gravely wounded by Miss Parker to save the Cabal.


Surviving his injuries from when Miss Parker shot him, “Blue Eyes” soldiered on with his mission to serve the Union and protect the world from the dangers of reality deviants. Having seen first hand the catastrophic effects unchecked violation of the laws of reailty, he knows that he cannot afford to let his mercy and compassion guide him. No, it is resolve and a strong hand that will save the world and protect mankind.

Ever since “Brigham” shot him, he has suffered splitting migraines and almost perpetual headaches. Science can only do so much for a hole in the head.

Awarded a seat at the table of the symposium should have been an honor, but he laments no longer being on the front lines, to not be in the thick of it.

The symposium, against his advice, decides to raid a node belonging to a flock of reality deviants. Blue eyes feels that the decision is rushed and that the area is too far from the area of operation their symposium is charged with. His fears grows as reports from scouts informs them that there are also tradition terrorists there. His protest is overruled and for his sins he is put in charged.

Mortally wounded in the insanity that ensues, he is touched by the magic of the Storm Eater. He bleeds out the lead from the bullets that shot him. His wounds heal, but his soul i swallowed. His blue eyes change colors to a fiery green that almost seems to move like willo’ whisps.

"Blue Eyes"

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