Dahlia Black

Aspiring actress turned supernaturalist


Dark haired, acerbic and opinionated, Dahlia is capable and confident.


Dahlia Black was born in Sewanee, Tennessee, where she also went to college, graduating from University of the South with a BA in English Literature and Studio Art. She moved on to pursue a career as an actress in Los Angeles after graduating, and has been making a living as a gun range attendant whilst chasing down roles. With only background work, specifically SFW-but-suitably-risqué parts in crappy teen flicks, she landed a small role in an independent feature shooting on an island off the coast of New England. The horror movie shoot turned into a genuine nightmare as a malignant spirit in the form of urban legend The Hook started attacking the cast and crew. WIth her plucky resolve and attitude, Dahlia helped Artemis Grimm defeat the spirit, only to find that the film was a bust, the producer dead, and the insurance money doubtful. Grimm apparently secured their salaries, but as her part was very minor, the money only covered the ticket back to LA and a couple of weeks’ worth of rent.

Her recent brush with the supernatural has left Dahlia intrigued. Upon returning to LA, she makes it her mission to learn what she can. Acting, she has decided, is not worth the effort. Maybe the supernatural is?

Dahlia Black

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