Ebeltoft Starfall

Rock n roll rougue Cultist of Ecstasy returned home to follow his legacy.


Ebeltoft, in his late 20s, looks like he’s been a rockstar most of his life.
He’s skinny, his hair is unruly at best and he always wear spandex pants. But he makes it look good, just like the good old rock stars of the 70’s and 80’s. His arms are covered with overlapping tattoos telling some kind of story av what has been going on the last ten years.


Son of Helena Starfall (CoE mage, the name Starfall is taken from the novel at that time not published by Jackson Blakeney) and Flemming Poulsen, danish entrepeneur.
Ebeltoft awakened at a very early age, and his mother decided to enroll him at Witwick College of Hermetic Magick to give him the proper education she never got. Given Ebeltofts rebelious nature, this proved a bad idea. A lot of time was spent in detention. At age 15 he ran of to become a rock star. After an encounter with a possessed bassist and a demonic venue manager, he decided to leave magic behind. That proved harder than he thought. Magic infiltraded both his stagepresence and his composing and led him to stardom.
After quite a few years on the road, his mothers death led him to New York where he tries to follow in his mothers footsteps trying to find out the circumstances surounding her death, and trying to pick up on what he’s been missing in the world of the awakened. This is not easy when you’re recognised at every corner.

Ebeltoft has just bought an apartment at 998 Fifth Av. where he resides with his dog Benny

Daily routine:
Breakfast or brunch at Cafe Grazie, take Benny for a walk in the park or the gardens surounding Lyndhurst Manor.

Mondays: Studying at Witwick, Late night yoga class at 21.00.
Tuesdays: Studio from 13-20. Dinner at Per Se.
Wednesdays: Studio from 13-20.
Thursdays: Studying at Witwick, cabbal meeting at Blakeney’s.
Fridays: Studying at Witwick. Office hours at PD from 18.00 til 22.00. Drinks at Daniels.
Saturday: Datenight, hopefully with Verity.
Sunday: Tai Chi in the park. Maybe play some chess with the old timers. Always loose.

Ebeltoft Starfall

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