Elaine Sanschez

Latino in her late 30s, jet black hair that has begun to grey, tough, caring, calming voice


Elaine “Mama Bear” Sanschez was recruited by the Progenitors during her education at and US Army medical school. She was given the opportunity to go off world and took it.

She served a long stint as combat medic and frontline doctor, and her fierce battle to save every wounded that came under her care quickly earned her the nickname “Mama Bear”.

She is a caring person, though a bit removed as she has seen so many people horribly maimed and killed. Well spoken, her voice is calm and and demeanor quite.

Her one vice is smoking, which she shares with Alan Blair as he is the only other smoker on board.

She tired of seeing so many people chewed up on the frontlines of the wars fought in space and desided to retire and serve as an independent contractor. Thsu she ended up on the ship.


Elaine Sanschez

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