Jane Carrington

Dark, short hair, withdrawn, practical


Even young Jane “Numb3rs” Carrington was a math and physics star. She got an early admission to college. She sarted working on cybernetics orientated to the field of aerospace technology.

She as shortlisted for recruitment to the Iteration X and given the opportunity to go off world. She took it. But stuck in a small spacetation orbiting Saturn she felt out of place and soon grew vary of the Iteration X and their actions. When she was left behind when nephandi attacked the station and faced certain death as the part of the station she was in broke off and drifted out into space.

She was lucky to be rescued byJanek, and after travelling with him for a while she accepted his offer to become part of the crew. In fact it was Johann Otto Cartwright on orders from Virek who impressed upon Janek the advantages of signing her on.

She has worked wih Cartwright since.


Jane Carrington

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