Alan Blair

Late 30s, shaved head, six o'clock shadow, grey eyes, raspy voice, overalls and green military t-shirs, dog tags


Alain “Maniac” Blair was once a top graduated fighter pilot, recruited by the Void Engineers in his early 20s. He hasn’t ben back to earth since.

He earned his call sign from his cocky act, fearless flying and death defying acts. He has become more carefull with the years though, and some whisper that he has lost his nerve.

After leaving his squadron, as the only suriving member of it, he signed up with Janek Marshall to be the pilot of the Autolocus.

He speaks his mind, is not afraid to be disliked and has a cynical and pessimistic demeanor. But he is still a top notch pilot, quick with a joke and never shirks his duties or responsibilities.


Alan Blair

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