Mage: Dark Materials

If you're going to San Fransisco

The Cabal, Node-hunting, travels to San Fransisco to meet up with Brigham at Simon Chase’s Sanctum on Chase Island in the Bay.

S03E06 - A meeting of minds

Alexander Fairweather

Gjengen reiser til Missouri.

S03E05 - New York Stories

Ebeltoft hadde en uke med singleslipp og pr kampanjer i sosiale media. Det hele ble avsluttet med en konsert i central park.
Vi fulgte etter et lead til The Weeping Moon Foundation, der Alexander Fairweather er leder. Ebeltoft gikk inn under påskudd å investere i Foundationen. Noe ble avtalt.

S03E04 - The French Connection

The presence of a bleed through in the Horizon Realm raises many questions, questions the gentlemen of the Henosian Club are happy to pawn off on those of a higher station. However, as they return to Witwick they are disturbed to hear that Jennifer has gone missing in France. The gentlemen are summarily dispatched to the sleepy French town of Nouvion-en-Ponthieu, also the factual location (but not filmed location) of the televison show ‘Allo, ’allo, a fact lost on anyone but Blakeney, to investigate Jennifer’s disappearance, and try to find answers about the Node.

S03E03 - The Argonatus

The Chantry sends Jennifer Lockhart to France to investigate a potential portal or node with connection to the Horizon Realm of Witwick (much to the dismay of the gentlemen of The Henosian Club), and charges the Henosian Club with traveling the extent of the Realm to discover its vastness. Crossing a large desert, they arrive at a greek temple, and encounter Jason and the Argonauts. Traveling with Jason, they arrive at the end of the Realm, where it is clearly bleeding through from somewhere else – the same place Jennifer was taken by the ape-men, who are also present here.

S03E02 - Journey to the Centre of Horizon

With the Horizon Realm that Witwick is connected to contiues to expand, the Henosian Club is dispatched on a mission to investigate. It turns out that beyond the fringes are not only small dwellings, but a large world, that have clearly been closed off as a result of the missing Nodes. After rescuing children from a fairytale story witch, the gentlemen come across a woman who explains she fell into a well in Nouvion-en-Ponthieu in modern-day France.

S02E06 - Pontypool changes everything

Joining forces with the shadowy Styx Security Company, the Henosian Club agrees to take on the cultists worshipping Erastus Faulkborne and attempting to kidnap Grimm in the small, Welsh town Pontypool. Yet, things are not as they seem. There is a large compound over an old mine, all fenced off and guarded. The gentlemen are dispatched to investigate in the small town, while the paramilitary group assume their various positions (as might be). Blakeney and Benny discover an entrance to the mines in an old boathouse, and call upon Ebeltoft to follow. They are soon directly underneath the compound. Grimm and Brigham come across a mysterious old house which quickly turns out to have belonged to Erastus Faulkborne. With Grimm compromised in what has clearly been Faulkborne’s former lair and the cultists aware of the Henosian Club’s presence, the cawl hath hiteth the fan, so to speak.

The ensuing aftermath is very rarely spoken about among the gentlemen.

Grimm’s subsequent absence is never mentioned.


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