Mage: Dark Materials

S02E06 - Pontypool changes everything

Joining forces with the shadowy Styx Security Company, the Henosian Club agrees to take on the cultists worshipping Erastus Faulkborne and attempting to kidnap Grimm in the small, Welsh town Pontypool. Yet, things are not as they seem. There is a large compound over an old mine, all fenced off and guarded. The gentlemen are dispatched to investigate in the small town, while the paramilitary group assume their various positions (as might be). Blakeney and Benny discover an entrance to the mines in an old boathouse, and call upon Ebeltoft to follow. They are soon directly underneath the compound. Grimm and Brigham come across a mysterious old house which quickly turns out to have belonged to Erastus Faulkborne. With Grimm compromised in what has clearly been Faulkborne’s former lair and the cultists aware of the Henosian Club’s presence, the cawl hath hiteth the fan, so to speak.

The ensuing aftermath is very rarely spoken about among the gentlemen.

Grimm’s subsequent absence is never mentioned.

S02e04 - Nýjum stöðum, nýja vini.

From the journal of Brage Borrson.

Ég hef komið bara til New York og hitti Kabbalah The Henosian Club. A ágætur hópur töframenn sem “loftþéttar” tegund, ef þú veist hvað ég meina. Þeir hafa sýnt með greiningarbúnaðinn frá The Technocracy og Cult Extacy tónlistarmaður farið aftur í skóla. Í heild hlutur er og óttast. Ragnarok er í nánd. Sá stormur eyðir er á leiðinni að vakna og The Henosian Club virðist vera einir geta til að stöðva þessa anda. Það virkar og hvort þeir hafa áætlun. Á sama tíma, einn verður að finna út hvað það er sem gerir gamla hnútar vakna og orku til sjóndeildarhringnum heimili þar Witwick skóla húsa. Þessi framboð orku hefur gert sjóndeildarhringinn heim óstöðug. Við verðum nú að finna út hvar þessi hnútar eru staðsett. Ég og aðrir töframaður að framkvæma athöfn þar sem við erum að þýða fjölda táknum skráð á kortinu með galdur sem breyti tíma og rúm. Ég ætla að taka þetta trúarlega eins fljótt og ég hef rannsakað mér þangað trúarlega sem virkar. Ég er ekki of langt frá að fá það. Þó að þetta á sér stað, á Brigham, Technocrat, komst að því að hann systir hefur horfið einhvers staðar í djúpum umber. Að komast þangað og finna hana, verðum við að ráða geimskip. Hvað mér finnst skrýtið er að ekkert af medsvorne spásagnamenn mínum hafa allir vandamál með þetta. Mér finnst það skrýtið að ekki einu sinni ég í vandræðum með þetta. Ég hlakka reyndar hlakka til að upplifa heiminn sem er til staðar á hinum megin bivfrost.

S02E03A - En Prise

Blakeney contemplates the scene unfolding before him.
From the rooftop he can see the entire plaza, with Starfall’s stage north, the river west, and the burgeoning crowds moving in from the south and east. He easily spots Grimm in the crowds, and can only surmise what is Brigham’s true location.

He sees the world for what it truly is: A cosmic game of chess. Today, he is fortunate enough to be one of the players. How? He is manipulating the empyrean Rube Goldberg-machine that is the Synchronicity Highway. He has put his pawns into motion, looked into the future and divined the spread of consequences. But not by Magick. No, not this time. He sees the game board through his Magickal awareness, but his play has been fundamentally mundane. As it must.

He has no way of knowing if he reached the Technocrat he temporarily held. Probably not. But the seed has been sown, and there will be consequences. He allows himself a fraction of a smile at the thought of having directly influenced the paths the Technocracy must now take, but not a long one. He knows full well that where chance is involved, the String will only be so thick. If it breaks, anything can happen.

He watches as Grimm is approached by Agent Parker. He can see Agent Winters and his faction moving into play. He sees their reasonable futures, their logical possibilities, their mathematical consequences.

He Sees. And like that, the pieces are in Check.

s02e03B - T3s5er4c7 Live
From the Electrostat Blogg by dV8

So when freshman electropunk prognoise necrojazzband T3s5er4c7 announces a grandeur magical demon summoning concert in the middle of the Hudson River, you start to wonder who this guy is. Is it a new Trent Reznor act? Fat Boy Slim on steroids? Aphex Twin/Ulver crossover? When seeing the stage you know there are some real money behind this.
Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2 million people show up to find out what this is all about. There’s so far only been one gig with this band, the legendary rooftop gig somewhere in the doclands. With only one EP under their belt we’ve got little material to go on when it comes to pre gig research. Would the material be strong enough to carry a pr stunt like this?
When they, or he, opened with a new song named “Implementing the psychosphere” we knew that would not be the case. I’m not sure the PMRC will endorce this artist, as the occult theme of the visual effects is pretty obvious. At the middle of the gig tentacles started popping out from the ground in the middle of the audience. If you touched them, your hand would turn black. Pretty neat trick. I’ve read somwhere that the tentacles were made from rather complex robotics and ferrofluid stained with black ink. Just after that, an enourmous rendition of the great Cthulhu started rising from the river. Elder signs glowing in mid air, pyrotechnics going off, lasers, police units emerging from everywhere. Wonder who the cot to produce and direct this show. During the song “A cure for Weldschmerz” T3s5er4c7 removes his signature 4d cube mask, and it is Ebeltoft Starfall!!!?!?!! The last year he’s gone completely of the rails. Selproclaimed magician/private investigator/drug addled singer. How can he make music this brilliant? It boggles the mind. As the last song “Perpetual movement in the fourth dimension” starts, Cthulhu starts to submerge once again, and you could hear some of the audience chant “Cthulhu fthagn!”
All in all, the show was great, the sound could be better and the music sublime.
A great evening altogether. Can’t wait for the next album, or the next gig.

Implementing the psychosphere
Mulholland Rodeo
Transcening Whiteout
There were no bounds (And Also The Trees cover)
Activate, eradicate!
F(x)= 2 * (Arcsin(sqrt(1 – x^2)) + abs(Arcsin(x)))
Negativistic Objectivism
Love Never Dies (Apoptygma Berzerk cover)
A Cure For Weldschmerz
Perpetual Motion In The Fourth Dimension.

s02e02 - On holiday by mistake.


Half a gramme for a half holiday
One gramme for a weekend
Two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East
Three for a dark eternity on the moon
- Aldous Huxley – Brave New World (1932)

Starfall new exactly how long he had been in this drug infused state of coma. He could recall every dream he had had and how many times he had gotten lost withing his own mind while trying to convince the two “gangstaz” in the room to leave a gun close to the bed. Man, this is some pure shit. He thought to himself. Focus on the beat in the digital white noise. It’s there. As Brigham says: Only God can create something perfectly random. If magick did not fail him, all the pieces would fall into place in exactly 34 seconds. His right hand would be free to grab the gun one of the gangbangers had placed just within reach (believing his prisoner is out cold in a cloud of opium addled bliss) and the two, now slighlty stoned, dopeheads wold be perfectly aligned so Starfall could shoot them without the need of sight.
-Three, two, one: NOW.
Grab gun, fire.
Bam, bam.
-One down, one behind the couch, wounded.
Let the gun down a few inches. Fire.
Starfall could hear people coming from downstair.
-Getting sober now, just a few minutes.
With barely any strength left he dragged himself behind the couch.
-What’s happening in there?
- Leroy? Aldo?
The door opened.
Starfall could see some feet just under the sofa.
-Just point and klick, he thought.
The man fell with a scream.
More shooting from downstairs.
-Something’s there. In my mind. Connecting. Fighting.
Stop that.
Using what’s left of the drug to fortify his mind, Starfall latches on to the invading mind, and subdues it.
The whole flat is covered with blood, none of it belonging to Starfall. And now, the Phurba Dagger, the one he took from the Chineese Jumping Vampire, in his hand. And Grimm. And Blakeney. And Brigham. Though it’s probably his hollow clone.
-They tried to kill me. Dehydrated and sore that was all Starfall managed to say.
-They tried to kill all of us, the difference being you probably enjoyed if.
Grimm, always the smart ass. It was good to be back among friends.


At first unwilling to heed Grimm’s call to action, Blakeney reluctantly agrees that Starfall might be in very grave danger. Together, they have Benny track the scent of his master through New York City, en Taxi , as it were. They finally lose the scent in New York’s notorious Browntown district, where the cab driver is unwilling to continue. Despite Grimm’s unease, Blakeney takes them strolling through the dark ’hood, unseen by most of the locals. He even performs a tracking spell by painting over a tag on a brick wall, which does catch the attention of the locals, although thankfully after the two Magi have moved on down the street. As the local gangs end up in a fracas, undercover police suddenly appear, and the two Magi wisely retire, determined to return the following day to save their friend, whom they now believe they have located inside a low-rise tower block.

The following day they return, “all tooled-up”, and with Brigham in tow. For some reason, Benny insists on carrying with him some kind of case. No one bats an eyelid at that. That pooch is cray-cray. They penetrate the building, and meet scattered resistance before they find the scene described by Starfall above. The Phurba dagger Starfall’s bidding. It is soon over. They hastily retreat with the sound of sirens around them.

S02E01 - Counterstrike

Grimm barely registers the Operatives holding him hoisting him into a sort of rig that will make him shoot himself in the head. Meanwhile, one Operative 3D-prints an exact replica of Grimm’s Gun, and descends to the floor below to kill Blakeney with it.

Grimm manages to squeeze off a tiny amount of Will, and force the mechanism to malfunction, killing the Technocrat instead of Grimm, and freeing Grimm. He makes short order of a second Operative as he races to save Blakeney from being shot.

At the same time, Blakeney is stunned to find the defences to his Sanctum shattered, and the door blasted open. He is too perplexed to react as the Operative aims the replica of Grimm’s Gun and pulls the trigger… to the sound of a loud “click”. They stare at each other for a split second, before the Technocrat pulls his service weapon, just as Blakeney summons up a portal between them. When the Technocrat shoots at Blakeney, he hits himself in the back, just as Grimm appears in the doorway.

After disabling the wounded Operative, Grimm races to Starfall’s apartment, fearing the worst. He finds Starfall missing, and Benny wounded. As Strange and Helen Chambers arrive to aid Blakeney on keeping their prisoner alive, discovering the truth behind the attack and making a game plan, the hunt for the missing rocker is on.

S01E22 - Dead End

The Cabal ready themselves to spring a trap on Blue Eyes. Starfall will hold a grand outdoor concert event on down town Manhattan, with the hidden implications that it is part of a grand, Magickal ritual culminating in the summoning of an otherworldly entity. In reality, there will be no more Magick than what will be necessary to send warning signals to the Technocratic operatives surveiling the Cabal. The plan is essentially to force Blue Eyes to play his hand, and publicly overreact, thereby causing a scandal within the Technocracy.

But just days before the grand event, Blue Eyes beats the Cabal to the punch, and makes his move. Grimm is drugged, and arranged to have seemingly killed himself after killing Blakeney in the apartment below, and Starfall is kidnapped. As Grimm’s gun is about to have its trigger pulled, there is a knock on Blakeney’s door.

To be continued…

S01E21 - Storm Front

The dots are starting to connect in a big way for the members of the Henosian Club. When the Chantry calls a meeting to discuss several lagre events occuring to the Horizon Realm which houses Witwick Hermetic College, including the Realm expanding and unveiling parts though lost for millennia, Blakeney stands up as the Cabal’s representative and explains how it is all connected to the rise of the Storm Eater under the influence of evil Magi of unknown origin. Most everything the members of the Club have experienced the last year – including Stuart McQueen’s madness – can be traced to several factions seemingly operating under a common aegis; the release of the Storm Eater. And John Dunbar, the renegade Mage, served as a linchpin in thwarting the last attempt to free the monstrous spirit entity.

There is a Storm coming. It is now up to the Magi of the Chantry of the Elucidated Brethren to halt it.

S01E20 - In Spirit

The Cabal reunites in New York, and the members return to their daily lives. Strange summons all members of the Chantry to meet the following week, and in the interim Blakeney returns to South Dakota, and seeks out Sunkmanitu to gain enlightenment regarding the task ahead of them. Coincidentally, Ebeltoft seeks guidance from Verity Walker concerning the same questions.


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