Books of the Society of the Weeping Moon

Litterature known to the society:

The Yellow Truths:
Undoubtfully the the society’s most important text, apparently containing the basic tenets for the society. It is here the motto Progress through Mysticism comes from, as well as the charter above. In here one could find all the rudiments of membership in the Weeping Moon and it is likely that all, at least full, members owned one. Much of this summary is from the remains of a copy of this text, or secondhand informartion based on writings by people who have read it.

The Goddard Rubric:
This is a known work on the occult. Is is supposedly based on translation of an ancient scroll that occultist Aloysius Goddard did in 1796. The book describes an ancient sect of secret beings devoted to «sheperding» the «children of Seth» through the trials and tribulations of a world besieged by mysetrious and malevolent entities. The mention of Seth marks the scroll as egyptian, or at least the inspiration for Goddard came from Egypt if he lied about translating and instead created the work. What place this held in the society is uncertain, but it pops up now and then amongs the more obscure cults and sects during the 19th and 20th century.

Supposedly a book containing rituals and rites of something called Saturnal magic. This is a tradition of magic most ubscure and I can find little on it, save reference to it. IT has been referenced in the work of reputable writers of magical theory, and indeed by mages as well, so I belive that it might indeed be some form of actual magic. Most likely hedge magic. I cannot find more about it easily though, but it is one of the reasons why I find it possible that the society had some magical capabilities.

The Jewler
It appears as this became proscribed reading for the members of the society around 1823. It deals with the thought that the celestial body may be revered through obtuse rituals ivolving the ashes of cremated human bodies. Naturaly such practices would not be welcomed by the public at that time and it is likely that this was not «open» practice and most likely were either kept under lids or members who actual practised it, did so secretly. Many spiriual and religions utilises this in their rituals of couse (hinduism for one), and today this is not something that would shock a learned man.

The Diaries of Zeerne
I could only find the name of this tomb referenced, and know not what it was about or indeed if it truly existed.

Books of the Society of the Weeping Moon

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