Sunkmanitu's tale

“Many years ago, long before the white man came to these lands, back when the lands were wyld and wast, a terrible shadow came forth and stalked the land. Then came the red man and in his wake the first three tribes of the Yee Naaldlooshi, and together they imprisoned the terrible storm. An there he remained, for a long time.

But then came the withe man, and on his heels destruction and corruption followed. I remember how they came when I was a child, claiming firendship and peace, but meant conquer and eath. My people suffered.

And as with the red men, more of the Yee Naaldlooshi followed the white man But it was different, they fled the dying of thei rmagic and holy places. Seeing hte stron gplaces of wyld here, they became jealous of us and demanded we give them ouholy places. And when we refused, they attacked. War began, war not seen since the great shame and crime of the war of rage, when the Yee Naaldlooshi waged war on all unlike themslves.

Now we fought hard, and we fought well. On the plains and in the forests, we gave them hell. But the white man fought us too, and slowly we lost.

But the cruelt truth was that with each holy place they took, the prison weakened and soon the terrible bane was free. And we all suffered.

Free the bane grew, it ate a powerfull servant of the mad weaver and became twice as terrible. Its great storms ravaged the land all suffered under the threat of that which even devoured storms. Ever hungry the Storm Eaters madness sept the plains.

For years and years and years the Storm Eater ravaged the lands, poisoning minds and souls, corrupting or killing alll before it. Claiming the lives of warriors and children alike. Untill one day something happened, something rare. Some say a white man, a name breaker who rode with indian and Yee Naaldlooshi alike, had found a way to convince a powerfulll leader of one of the tribes of Yee Naaldlooshi, and that this was the first step to unite all the tribes in a common cause.

A powerful rite, now long forgotten, and one tha trequired enormous sacrifice was needed.

Each tribe picked one of their best, their brightest; warrior, judge, poet, medicineman, chief, king. All 13 of highest rank. And for a week and one day the ritual lasted, on holy sites across the whole of the pure lands. And on the eight day the chosen 13 sacrificed their lives and the power of the sacred places trapped teh storm eater deep in the spirit world. And as long as these holy sites remain, giving of their power, the prison shall hold.

But much time has passed, and the eater of storms has passed out of memory. FEw remember. The Yee Naaldlooshi grow fewer. The sacred sites dwindle. For how long can the terrible storm remain captured? It rages and wants out…"

Sunkmanitu's tale

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