Mage: Dark Materials

S01E14 - The Cambridge Connection

The following day the Chantry of Elucidated Brethern holds its monthly Assembly of Cabals. Blakeney is announced as the leader of the Henosian Club, and it is agreed that Brigham is allowed to join the Chantry as a probationary member, provided he swear an Oath. Ebeltoft has him transported to the Chantry, and Brigham is shown around and introduced to all the necessary people.

After a private meeting with Strange, the Cabal decides to travel the Astral Gate to Cambridge with the Bronzed Man, in order to look into debronzing him.

The Cabal is met by a rental van ordered by Starfall, and make their way to London, and the agreed meeting place arranged by Matt Garrett, the Misty Moon pub. The contact, who did not give his name, was willing to show them the location of the bronzing facility, in exchange for the Cabal taking on a coke bottle containing a demon.

Blakeney had severe reservations, and contacted Professor Strange to inform him of the deal. Strange approved, and Blakeney magickally transported the bottle to Strange in America.

The contact led the way, with only a brief stop to purchase more suitable clothing for Starfall, who came dressed in leopard tights and a revealing top.



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