Mage: Dark Materials

S01E15 - Whispers Underground

The Cabal is led to a secret construct underground where they discover an abandoned pre-Technocracy base, and the bronzing equipment. While Brigham operates the equipment, they are attacked by a shadowy creature with fangs, mangy hair and pallid skin. It grabs Grimm, drags him towards the ceiling and bites him savagely in the neck before Blakeney brutally rips Grimm away from the creature by grounding him magnetically to the floor. They manage to drive the creature into the bronzing machine, and performs the process on it.

They free the bronzed man, but discover that he is not John Dunbar. However, he holds much information that will be of value, and they have him transported back to Lyndhurst Manor for further questioning.

Having handed him over, the Cabal are left to their own devices. But have they rid themselves of the responsibilities, or have they opened up a Pandora’s box of new ones?



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