Mage: Dark Materials

S01E13 - The Bronzed Man

The Cabal processes the information given to them by Matt Garrett last episode. It seems the Cabal of Many Thoughts were especially concerned with one person – Lt. John Dunbar, a confederate soldier in the Civil War. It is unveiled that he is a crucial element in the darker parts of the history of the Chantry, rebelling against it and being declared a traitor, even going so far as to be the bane of the mysterious Harmonica Man. After having left the New World for London, Dunbar lived under the name Alexander Jackson, and records indicate that he was apprehended by the foundling Technocracy in the late 19th century. According to Mr. Garret’s formidable font of information they discover that Dunbar was bronzed, and shipped to a Technocracy warehouse in New York. With the help of Brigham, the warehouse is located and found to be guarded by only a single watchman and outdated technology. Grimm and Brigham design a plan to infiltrate the warehouse with Blakeney’s counsel, and Starfall prepares a distraction in the shape of an impromptu Tesseract live gig infused with Mind Magick. Brigham and Blakeney infiltrate the warehouse dressed as Technocratic agents – complete with black fedoras, and manage to gain custody of the crate believed to contain bronzed man. The Cabal reconvene at Brigham’s lab, and the crate is opened. Lo and behold: Despite the Cabal’s many doubts as to the veracity of the process of bronzing, the crate contains the bronzed for of John Dunbar. Blakeney decides that it is time to include the Chantry, and contacts Strange, who is suitably impressed. Although Strange is able to open a small portal to communicate through, it is deemed that Brigham’s sanctum is too full of electronics to rend a full gate into Brigham’s technologically cluttered sanctum. Blakeney located the nearest place with perfect conditions with the help of the Name of the Wind, and then instructs Grimm, Starfall and Brigham to create a shared Effect to conjure up the perfect route to the location. Grimm and Blakeney transport the bronzed form to the gate, and depart for the Chantry with Dunbar.



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