Chantry history

Summary of Henry Lees’ history of the Chantry

The chantry was officially formed by hermetic mages in the yar 1435, most came from a group of breakaways from a different chantry. Their goal was to explore, as well as develop, conserve and spread hermetical magic.

They forged alliances and grew. In 1450 they took their formal name and announced itself to the world. It expanded its power during the War of the Roses og their influence began to spread across Europe. It was especially in France that they found most allies, and it was also there were they began to forge bonds to Choristers.

They formed a formal house in Novioun-En-Ponthieu, near the Crécy forest, in 1508 and in what would become the modern Germany in 1535. It was in 1516 that they disocvered that the node in France (a well) had a connection to an aboned horizonrealm.

The british civil war (1642-1651) hit them hard. When they and their allies ended up on the list of Cromwells enemies, they were driven from England into exil in France, and moved the chantry there. They formed an offical alliance with the choristers, who from that time have been members of the chantry.

They returned to England when it once again had a king, but had lost a lot in the wars, both of buildings, property and political influence.

The first cabal from the Chantry to visit the new world, did so in 1608, lured by the enigmas of the land and the lost colony. They returned to Europe in 1612. Two returned to the new world just before the civil war, and stayed there for the duration. With so much lost in England it was hard to alocate resources when the mages there asked the Chantry to secure a permanent foothold there. But wise from former injury they did establish an «ambassy» there and the two mages stayed in the americas. When England took over New Amsterdam in 1664, it was decided that the Chantry should aquire property there and maintain a permanent settlement in the town. It grew with the years and more mages treavelled there or were recruited in the new world. In this periode more memembers came from other traditions than just Order of Hermes and Celestial Chorus.

During the beginning of the 1600s they formalised a treaty with two other Chantrys concerning the realm, and it grew and became a proper realm. In 1628 the horizon realm were turned into a Hermetic College of Magic, with the purpose of educating and training of mages.

The New World «division» of the Chantry had to comptete with resources and position with those hermetics who just wanted to focus on the Horizom.

When the revolutionary wars broke out in France in 1791 dividing lines between the traditions and order of reason along the lines of the war. The tradition had influence over the british monarchy, order of reason the french revoluionary forces. The Chantry lost all it had in France, including the node. A new wave of mages advocated for moving to New York, many travelled there and its interests (which had grown over the years) were given higher priority. Order of Reason gained more power in the english parliment. New hope for a return to France came with the peace of Amiens, but were crushed in when war broke out again in 1803. In 1804 New York declared headquarters of the Chantry.

In the years that followed the chantry were busy increasing is power in america. Its need for more nodes were large, as the horizonrealm had to be secured. Through exploration, research and complicated rites, they discovered and secured new nodes in the New World. Since most of its members were academics, it need the help of seasoned explorers and advenurers.

In 1809 the chantry has a new node in Kentucky. In 1819 an Euthanatos by the name Harmonica is mentioned for the first time. 1825 they take a node in Tennessee and in 1828 one is aquired in Dakota. In 1834 they find a node in what will become northern Colorado. In 1862 they loose control over the node in Dakota during the Sioux war in 1862, but regained control in 1863 with the help of Harmonica and his posse.

In 1863 all word from the node in Colorado cease. Only one man was assign to it, a soldier given an outpost as reward for his bravery during battle. It was believed this as the resul of the Colorado Indian war, but the civil war and continued attacks by native americans prohibit them from any attempt to reclaim it. It is never seen again.

In 1867 Lt. John Dunbar, who for years were lost in the wilderness of northeast Colorado for years, leaves the Chantry in protest over the policy of the Chantry.

1871 Harmonica is killed, from this day the Chantry never have any formal contact with Euthanatos again.

1910 the node in Kentucky is lost to the Technocracy.

1925 From this year and on the Chantry focus more and more on New York and its activities in the realm.

1939-45 Chantry keeps its head down during the war.

1965 Mage Phillip Strode is found guilty of the murder of mage and chantry brother James Lafontaine. Originally Gilgul is demanded, but it ends with the banishment of Strode.

1976 Henry Lee dies.

Chantry history

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